Friday, August 31, 2007



Stress is evil and can only wreak have on our mind, body and spirit. One can learn to cope with the following survival kit:

1). First, find out what's causing the stress. A relationship issue, financial loss, failure, an accident or a change that's not necessarily negative, like shifting to a new house, a marriage or a long trip can be the source. Some common stressors are a violent parent or spouse a bullying boss, being tapped in a bad marriage or job, excessive workload or responsibilities, a medical illness or chronic pain, or memories from a trauma like sexual abuse.

2). It's equally important to become aware of your individual coping style. Find out what perceive at the cause of stress and how you're emotionally responding to it.

3). Once identified, you need to evaluate how many changes you could incorporate in your environment and even in honest and realistic. You can seek advice from within the family or friends or take professional help.

4). Learn to tell the difference between facts and fears. You can only deal with reality and then treat your fears!

5). Don't constantly micromanage learn to accept uncertainty and your limitations in certain situations.

6). Know your own limits - don't be too competitive or expect too much of yourself.

7). Avoid comparing your finances and happiness with those who are better off.

8). Accept offers of practical help. Don't hesitate to reach out and talk to someone.

9). Try to spend time with people who are rewarding rather than critical and judgmental.

10). Learn time management and relaxation techniques.